Thuy-Vy Nguyen

Software Developer @ Oracle Cloud

About Me

Hi, I'm Thuy-Vy!

I love to travel, take pictures, hike, and eat.

Other things that are important to know about me:
  • My favorite place I've ever traveled is Thailand, probably, because Thai food is my favorite.
  • My go-to starbucks order is an iced white mocha (no whipped cream) or strawberry acai refresher if it's too late for coffee.
  • The most embarrassing thing about me is that I learned how to ride a bike on my 18th birthday (I'm still pretty terrible).
  • I fully support pineapple on pizza.
  • I live in, was born in, and raised in Oregon. As such, I think I'm pretty qualified to recommend places to go. My favorite places in Oregon: Trillium Lake, Blue Pool, Punch Bowl Falls, Cathedral Park, & Three Pools.


I'm a Software Developer at Oracle Cloud on the Shepherd Deployment Automation Team. I interned on the same team during Summer 2020 where I got to integrate a Slack application with Oracle Cloud's deployment system to immediately notify users about their automated deployment's status updates using Java, SQL, and Slack APIs.

I graduated from Oregon State University where I majored in Computer Science. At Oregon State, I was an Undergraduate Developer at TAHMO, which aims to create a network of weather stations in Africa and utilize machine learning algorithms to provide insight on agricultural, climate monitoring, and hydro-meteorological applications. I managed the ticketing system that handles improving weather stations. I was also an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Data Interaction and Visualization Lab headed by Dr. Minsuk Kahng. This lab focuses on creating data visualization tools to help people learn, explore, and understand machine-learning models. In this lab, I have experience with designing, creating, and evaluating these interfaces.

I was also an IMPACT Lead Volunteer, Society of Women Engineers Ambassador, Project X Volunteer, Undergraduate Research Assistant in the CARVE Lab, URSA Engage Research Assistant, Pre-College Programs Ambassador and Tour Guide, Honors College Web Editor, and College of Engineering Peer Tutor for CS & Math.

In Spring 2021, I volunteered with Develop For Good and was partnered with ideas42. I helped to implement Vergil, a web app designed to help probationers and parolees navigate their case plan responsibilities within their communities.


Spotify Interactive

Web Dev Project

Web application to learn and interact with your Spotify music taste with statistics and cat visualizations.

React, Spotify Web API

Website GitHub
Interactive Visualization for AI Education

Senior Capstone

Interactive and educative tools for users to learn about machine learning classification algorithms

Jupyter Notebooks, D3.js, React, Tensorflow, Python

Website GitHub
Contrastive Identification of Covariate Shift in Image Data

IEEE Visualization Conference Publication

Interface that facilitates the comparison of the local distributions of training and test data

D3.js, Python

VIVA Interface

DIV Lab Research Project

Web application to help individuals label things in videos by teaching the computer how to recognize people and objects in videos.

Svelte, Python

Project Page
Cocktail App

Mobile Dev Project

Android mobile app to search for cocktail recipes, discover new random cocktails, share the recipes with friends, and save your favorite recipes locally.

Java, Kotlin, SQLite