I'm Thuy-Vy Nguyen

I am a senior studying Computer Science at Oregon State University.

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Welcome to my website!

My name is Thuy-Vy. I am a senior at Oregon State studying Computer Science. I like topics including: cloud, software engineering, ai, visualization, and hci.

When I am not doing cs-related things I like to: travel, take pictures, hike, eat, and hang out with friends/family. My favorite place I've ever traveled is Thailand. Partly, because it is so incredibly beautiful and breathtaking, and largely because the food is amazing. I enjoy taking pictures of people and nature, and I got into night photography thanks to a class I took in college. I put this to good use when I visited Alaska and was able to photograph the northern lights.

See my pictures/travels here: thuyvytravels or on insta @thuyvyng

I live in, was born in, and raised in Oregon. As such, I think I'm pretty qualified to recommend places to go. Here is my official list of best places in Oregon.

  • Trillium Lake
  • Three Pools
  • Punch Bowl Falls
  • Cathedral Park
  • Blue Pool

Other things I think are important to know about me. My go-to starbucks order is an iced white mocha (no whipped cream) or strawberry acai refresher if it's too late for coffee. The most embarrassing thing about me is that I learned how to ride a bike on my 18th birthday (I'm still pretty terrible). And lastly, I fully support pineapple on pizza.


My most relevant experiences. Full PDF


Oregon State University

Honors Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

Human Computer Interaction focus with minors in Psychology and Math.
Involvement: IMPACT Lead Volunteer, Society of Women Engineers Ambassador, Project X Volunteer
Some of my favorite courses that I took were Cloud Development, Intro to Artifical Intelligence, Linear Algebra, Algorithms, Visual Perception, and Human Computer Interaction.

Work Experience


Software Engineer Intern

Developed an application for Slack that allows users to receive notifications for changes in their automated deployment’s status. Implemented a database schema in SQL and directed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s internal deployment service to call Slack using Java and Slack’s APIs.

Oregon State University College of Engineering

Computer Science & Math Tutor

Assisted students to effectively plan, design, and debug their programming in classes such as Algorithms and Data Structures and develop their math proficiency in Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Discrete Math.

Oregon State University Honors College

Web Editor

Utilized Drupal, WordPress, HTML, and CSS to maintain the OSU Honors College website, blog, and databases that are used as primary resources for Honors College members. Designed and updated website to improve accessibility and user experience.

Research Experience

Data Interaction and Visualization Lab

The DIV Lab is headed by Dr. Minsuk Kahng.

Utilized Javascript and D3.js to create interactive data visualization tools for users to more easily explore, interpret, and interact with machine learning and large datasets. Projects include on creating interactive confusion matrices and interactive visualizations so users can find discrepancies between their test and train data.

Cognition & Action in Real & Virtual Environments Lab

The CARVE Lab studies how people use and integrate sensory information with real world behaviors using technology such as eyetrackers and virtual reality. I collected participant data on the impact of augmented reality on a user’s learning ability and helped design a study that aims to improve design of automated vehicles for pedestrian user experience.

URSA Engage

Awarded funding to model real-life terrain in virtual reality using Unreal Engine to analyze potential effects of climate change by simulating environmental catastrophes.


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Presentation for Databases Final Project
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